WRXModders Introduction


We are a community dedicated to modifying the WRX and STi platform. Being that we are a very laid back community, we encourage freely speaking your mind. Do not be afraid to say something as the ideas that seem to be the stupidest can develop into potentially great modifications after discussion. Being that the WRX and STi community is relatively young compared to some of the other tuner communities out there, there is no concrete way to do everything. We believe in developing new ideas to make more power and modify these vehicles to get the most out of them.

WRXModders is a newer community and we are constantly making improvements. Please feel free to stop by the site discussion section and mention anything that you feel needs improvement. We occasionally run polls before making any major changes and encourage everyone to participate in the development of the community.

We don’t really have many rules because we fear that they will stifle progress. There is a very reasonable administration staff incase anything gets out of hand. As long as you refrain from racist comments and flame wars then there should really be no problems. Please do not attack the other members of the board as it often discourages those people from returning. So if you haven’t already, please register for the forums and make a thread to introduce yourself to everyone. Also make sure to invite your fellow WRX friends to the site.

So thanks for stopping by and welcome to WRXModders.